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G. (hikaridranz) [userpic]

another dream :o

January 29th, 2011 (08:44 pm)

few weeks ago, I had a dream. I recorded it down, but when the laptop restarted on its own I lost the note and didn't feel like rewriting it. But since I'm writing an entry for dreams, I'll just rewrite what I can remember.

wall of text ahead.

I forgot what happened earlier in the dream, but I remembered the last part because I woke up scared @_@ though it ain't much of a nightmare at all. I dreamt that as I walked past the kitchen, I saw what looked like a black ladle handle sticking out of the wall at the other end of the kitchen. (been playing too much ace attorney that I kept 'noticing' odd stuffs in my dreams back then. :x) so I went to tell my sister, and when I went back to the kitchen the ladle was gone. Then I saw something whizzing around in the kitchen and realised it was a dragonfly. A regular dragonfly with regular flying movements. :V I t started flying towards me and I grabbed the tissue box in the living room, then crouched on the chair as I tried swatting the dragonfly using the tissue box. No matter how hard I try to swing my arms, the movement came out slowwwww..... while the dragonfly moved at normal dragonfly speed, i.e. the attempt to smack it with the tissue box was useless. Then it kept trying to go near me and I was scared and I woke up with my arms in front of me @_@ I started to wail like a little kid (awake already), like what I used to do as a little kid for my mom's attention when I got nightmares. Then I realised the room was dark and empty because it was evening. I suddenly felt even more creeped out (slightly odd because I usually nap there and was kinda used to the room being a bit dark, but maybe not so odd because I was also reminded of the one time I hallucinated while I was half-awake). My first reaction was to run for the door to open it while avoiding the dressing table mirror. @_@ after opening the door, I went to lie on my bed again, then my mom ran into the room (she saw that the room window wasn't closed so she was hurrying to close it) and I screamed, I think it was because I was still not used to anything moving faster than me since that dream. I haven't had nightmares that woke me up suddenly for a long time. D:

Random: when I first went out of the room, the first thing my sis asked me to help her take was the same tissue box that was in my dream -3-

on thursday, I had another dream. This time, I dreamt I was working and had a nice boss (lol I have no job now, still high school) :3 it was all well, until I noticed something that looked like...a portal. My boss was cheery and told me to sit on the office chair (those with wheels) and I did, then he pushed the office chair into the portal. It was a long journey in a black tunnel. There wasn't any wall, no borders around me. The office chair just zoomed forward as if there were tracks underneath to lead it right to the exit. I tried looking behind but I couldn't see the room my boss was in anymore. I wasn't scared at all while in the tunnel, but I wanted to know where the exit was. However, when I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel, I started to feel nervous and wished for the journey to last a bit longer, and it did, but only for a short distance. I only saw the exit move further by a few metres, but I eventually reached it. When I reached the exit, I was in a white room. It was empty except for many blank monitors. TVs, computers, notebooks, netbooks. Stuffs that had monitors, all of different sizes. I felt like I was being watched by those blank monitors, then I saw them move. = = They moved around, those with bigger sized screens crowded around me, as if I was an alien and I surprised them. I was like "don't hurt me DDD: don't come closer *flails (and I felt like I was swinging my arms irl too)*", but I didn't feel scared because they didn't seem to want to harm me. Those blank black screens in the pure white room... Then I suddenly woke up. :I automatically, because I had to go to school. meh.

Random: when I was in school, I thought I'd use one of the computers in the library. But when I went in, I saw the notice "ALL STUDENT ACCOUNTS EXPIRED, COMPUTERS INACCESSIBLE". So there were rows of blank computer screens facing me.....D: