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[sticky post] October 18th, 2012 (11:49 pm)

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Updated 18 October 2012

Most of these items are extras from my collection.

I've actually uploaded most on my thread on SGCafe forums. If you're in Singapore, please check the thread for the rest of the items I have to offer (mainly bigger items). I don't know if I want to mail the bigger things orz. I've only mailed small parcels before and I'm kinda assuming most are only interested in cards so I'm not including the rest in this entry. If you're interested in gashapon toys (Gintama, Bleach, etc.) check the thread too.
Photos might not be updated XD I'll compile everything and update soon OTL. (kinda lazy if nobody's interested)

~Prices are in USD, excluding postage (Some prices differ from the ones in the thread because those are in Singapore Dollars, meant for locals only).
~Payment by Paypal.
~Mail. +$2.40 over normal postage if you'd like registered mail (with tracking).
~Comments aren't screened so please do not post your details unless you mean to post it publicly. 
~I've included a card sleeve/protector for each card.
~I won't include the gashapon balls unless requested.

What I'm willing to trade for (we can discuss, trade only by meet-up): things from my wishlist, CD, manga/comics (in Japanese or Chinese. I hardly ever read manga in English these days), artbooks, original and doujin anime/otome game merchandise (from the series I'm interested in and that I don't already have), or actually anything you can offer that interests me.

POT Shining Clear CardsCollapse )

POT New Season & Next Generation Trading Cards & Booster CardsCollapse )

POT Next Generation Rising Symphony CardsCollapse )

OOO Straps and Gaia MemoriesCollapse )

AMUSE The Game CardsCollapse )

Watanabe Shu Junon Trading CardsCollapse )

Kirihara Akaya CDCollapse )

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